Anna Thibaut – Director of Account Management

Employee Spotlight: Anna Thibaut, Director of Account Management


by Bedrock Analytics

July 10, 2023

Introducing Anna Thibaut – A client relations leader who brings energy and unwavering professionalism to every customer interaction. With a passion for problem-solving,  Anna is dedicated to ensuring clients get the utmost value from Bedrock, transforming their retail data into compelling narratives that drive real business growth.

Bedrock customers rely on Anna to help them unlock the full potential of their CPG sales strategy. With her extensive product and industry knowledge, she guides them through training sessions and proactively responds to their feedback, making sure they are comfortable and confident with the platform. 

Read on to find out more about Anna’s role and how she’s helping Bedrock Customers take their category insights to new heights and transform their complex data into sales stories that sell.



  • Why did you choose to join the Bedrock Analytics team?

I was really impressed with the platform right from the start. Seeing how quickly and easily it turns complicated data into clear visuals and useful insights, it was obvious that Bedrock was filling an important gap in the industry. By joining this team, I knew I would be embracing a solution that was destined to change the game. It was not just the platform that sealed the deal for me though. When I met the Customer Success team at Bedrock, I was doubly hooked. The dedication, hard work, kindness, and expertise exhibited by each member of the team invigorated me. The opportunity to collaborate with such exceptional individuals propelled my desire to be part of this dynamic and innovative organization.


  • How would you describe your role to someone outside the industry? 

I manage the complete lifecycle of customers at Bedrock. My goal is to develop long-term relationships with my customers, making sure that their teams have the tools they need to use Bedrock successfully. At the end of the day, my sense of fulfillment comes from witnessing our customers leverage the power of our software to propel their business forward with category insights at a speed that can’t be beat.


  • As the welcoming face of Bedrock, what can a new customer expect from the first few weeks after onboarding? 

There is nothing more important than ensuring new customers have a smooth transition and a positive experience after onboarding. Continued training is key to successful customers. I collaborate with our customers to gain insights into their specific team dynamics and show them how Bedrock can seamlessly integrate into their workflows. Together, we develop a tailored engagement strategy that aligns with their objectives. 


I also value customer feedback since it plays a crucial role in our continuous improvement. As part of my role, I make it a priority to regularly seek out honest and unfiltered opinions. I will be reaching out to you consistently, and listening closely to your suggestions and ideas. Your valuable input directly influences our product development process, making sure we deliver enhancements and features that truly address our customers’ needs.


  • What are the most important things new customers should realize the platform can do for them, or don’t realize it can do for them? 

One of the most crucial aspects for new customers to realize about Bedrock is that it does the heavy lifting by alleviating the burden of data manipulation so they can concentrate on data analysis itself. Often, customers are pleasantly surprised by the platform’s capability to streamline their workflow by removing the time-consuming task of organizing data. Ultimately, I want our customers to know that Bedrock will help them work more efficiently by redirecting their efforts toward the important task of finding valuable insights in their data. It’s this shift in focus that will help them excel in their roles.


  • Which features in the platform do customers often request to have more expertise in?

There are a few essential skills that need to be learned upfront to use Bedrock effectively, but once you master those skills you will be able to extend them to all corners of the platform. One of those skills is using our dynamic filters to make product selections. There are so many different ways that we group products together. You might want to see totals at the category level, brand totals within a sub-segment, or item level data for products that are a specific flavor or size. We need all of these levels to tell our stories. Our dynamic filters are designed to take the guesswork out of the product selection process, but it takes a little coaching upfront to really master them. 


I also work with teams that are used to seeing the data presented in a specific way and struggle to reimagine what that data could look like in Bedrock. For both of these examples, I work very hands-on with teams to make sure they get the skills they need to succeed. I gather reports and slides that my customers are used to seeing before they used Bedrock and show them how to reimagine those same reports inside of the Bedrock platform. If I start with something familiar as a baseline for learning Bedrock, teams have an easier time understanding how the platform can work for them.

  • Lastly, where can we find you on the weekends? 

During the day you will most likely find me hiking with my dog, Eva. Our trail system here in Western North Carolina is top-notch! In the evenings I’m a big fan of live music. In 2022 I saw 50 bands live, and I’m well on my way to exceeding that number in 2023.