EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Brandon Stine, VP Customer Success

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

January 13, 2022

Vice President of Customer Success, Brandon Stine, combines his background in analytics and professional services consulting for consumer goods manufacturers to help brands better extract and understand the insights and stories told by data.


Brandon Stine and Bedrock are a match made in data heaven. Coming from a background in hands-on analytics for consumer goods manufacturers, followed by professional services consulting for consumer brands, Brandon has a rich understanding of the needs and issues facing CPG brands and how data is the backbone of effective decision making. 

Spending over a decade on the manufacturer’s side of the desk at places like Mars and Keurig Dr Pepper in trade marketing, sales planning, and sales strategy roles, Brandon saw what worked and what didn’t when it came to making better data driven decisions. 

Moving into a consulting role with Nielsen and Sequoya, he gained experience delivering analyses and managing teams for a diverse set of clients amongst various industries and global markets. Through his consulting experience, he learned how to extrapolate his knowledge from one industry and translate that experience into frameworks for new categories and markets.

Brandon joined Bedrock in May 2021 and has helped the Bedrock team sustain continued growth. 

Brandon’s spotlight serves as an under-the-hood look at his unique background and the experience he brings to the table to make the Bedrock Customer Success Team an industry-first for CPG brands.

Bedrock’s Customer Success team is experiencing rapid growth; what makes working on the team so attractive for you and for new members?

Brandon: In my past, I led teams of analysts and consultants where our job was to take consumer data and present it in a way to help major consumer brands make faster and more informed decisions. As we combed through the multiple and various data sets to get the full picture, I realized that the vast majority of our time was typically spent extracting, harmonizing, manipulating, and organizing all of the raw data and converting it into visuals and insights, instead of actually analyzing the data for insights and recommendations. I had always felt like there had to be a better way for CPGs to get more value from these massive data sets, and Bedrock quickly proved to me that they are that better way.  It was something I wanted to be a part of. Bedrock helps teams rededicate their time to actually analyzing data for insights and identifying opportunities, risks, and their recommendations for decision makers.

What can you say about the Bedrock culture?

Brandon: As for the newer team members, I think the Bedrock culture and the way our Customer Success team works together, in particular, is one that people want to be a part of. Our company is centered around teamwork and a collaborative environment, but is also flexible and truly respects work-life balance. We work hard but we also take awesome vacations – and we back each other up when someone’s out of the office. On top of that, we give our employees excellent training and support that allows them to have a high level of autonomy to deliver what their clients need to be happy and successful. By allowing our employees to showcase their talents and get creative in finding solutions to meet the challenges of their clients, they feel rewarded and excited when they are able to solve these complex problems. We all thrive when we’re helping clients, and everyone on the team is empowered to make quick decisions to help their clients.

Bedrock recently opened an office in Mexico City, what is it like operating and working with an international team?

Brandon: It has been an incredible experience and pretty seamless, honestly. Mexico City has a very unique and significant talent pool when it comes to consumer goods and analytical talent. Many multinational CPG brands have a subsidiary office in Mexico, often in Mexico City, so many of our team members have worked directly with or even for the brands we serve at Bedrock. The majority of our employees, including the US office, speak Spanish as well, and we work as one team across the two offices with internal groups being made of members from both locations. With remote and hybrid work becoming much more prevalent in the past two years, working with an international team has never felt easier.


What is the core, common issue that you see with CPG brands that the Customer Success team helps them overcome?

Brandon: We see two main issues facing CPG brands.

  • Too much data and not enough time.

To get a true, accurate picture of sales across the country and all retail locations, manufacturers need to subscribe to and leverage at least two syndicated providers and several retail portals. Then there’s e-comm, panel data…the list goes on. This is a massive amount of data from multiple sources that aren’t built and structured the same way. Because of this, teams then have to spend large amounts of time to extract, cleanse, manipulate, and harmonize the data so that it can accurately be analyzed. Bedrock eliminates several steps for CPG brands and gives teams the ability to spend their time actually analyzing their data.

  • The ability to tell a story with data

Having data is great, but it means nothing if you can’t glean insights from it or answer specific business questions. Being able to tell a story from the sales data takes time, context, experience, and practice. Bedrock combines best practices with technology to help CPG brands tell stories using data, which is the result of years of experience from dozens of brands along with survey data from actual retail buyers and brokers. Sometimes the hardest part of telling a story is knowing where or how to get started and Bedrock Storylines gives teams the framework to do so.

What elements of the work you are doing at Bedrock Analytics do you think will make the most impact in the market?

Brandon: The launch of Bedrock Insights 2.0. As we continue to evolve the Platform capabilities and incorporate more automation, we’re confident that brands will feel the benefits. The next phase of Bedrock Insights will help transform retail data into original, objective-driven selling stories, leveraging optimized analytical paths with storyboard options and recommendations to help brands achieve their goals within more turnkey, digestible formats.

What excites you the most about Bedrock Analytics for 2022?

Brandon: The value that we are able to deliver our customers. Alongside expanding our team, we have also invested heavily in our internal tools and processes. It has allowed us to standardize and enhance internal procedures, which is already yielding a positive impact for our customers. Our databases are now larger than ever and we are able to release and refresh them faster, harmonizing and integrating data from more sources than ever before. As we continue to advance both our team and our tech, we are also able to take on more complex research studies and deliver more bespoke consulting experiences for those brands who want it.

What do you think will be the biggest challenges for most CPG brands in 2022?

Brandon: The biggest challenges facing CPG brands in 2022 are supply chain constraints and inflation. Inflation is impacting all of us from everyday purchases to the ingredients in CPG supply chains. It is not just the input going into the product but also transportation costs. Some clients are reporting double-digit percent increases in the costs associated with shipping product across the country compared to what it was a year ago. Throughout the year, manufacturers will have to decide whether to lead or follow competitive price increases, as well as whether or not to decrease promotional expenses (or both). To help ease this analytical burden for our brands, Bedrock has built robust Storyline analyses based on deep analytics in price and promotion execution.