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Prosperity Organics

Know how Bedrock Analytics addressed the problem of spending too much time in building spreadsheets and reformulating data, leaving little time for analysis and insight.

Otis McAllister

Find out how Bedrock Analytics helped Otis McAllister brands in gaining insight into market dynamics, thereby increasing retailer sales.

happy egg co.

Learn how Bedrock Analytics provided the needed tools for the fast, effective sales data analysis of a rapidly expanding, young company.

Bedrock helps Prosperity Organic Foods increase conversion rate with its customers


Prosperity Organic Foods is a growing company with the flagship brand MELT® Organic. Based in Boise, ID, Prosperity is a prototypical Bedrock customer: the upstart MELT competes with big CPG companies at major retailers such as Whole Foods, Safeway and Target. The company came to Bedrock seeking a more efficient and effective solution for managing and analyzing their SPINS and Whole Foods data.


Prosperity Organic Foods has been calling on one retailer for five years with no luck. Before making the switch to Bedrock, they were spending hours building spreadsheets and selecting raw data and were using a single, generic presentation for all retailer meetings.

Solutions Snapshot

Organization: Prosperity Organic Foods

Operational Challenge: Too much time spent building spreadsheets and reformulating data, leaving little time for analysis and insight.

Solutions: Use Bedrock to uncover insights and create retailer presentations that highlight opportunities for growth.

Benefits: New insights into sales data for retailer presentations saves 6 to 8 hours per retailer report and delivers new retailer distribution for MELT.


With the help of Bedrock, Prosperity’s sales and marketing team now spends their time finding insights and creating decks instead of building spreadsheets and reformulating data. Bedrock also allows the team to customize insights to individual retailers without a team of analysts. At a recent trade association convention, instead of using a single, generic presentation for retailer meetings, the sales and marketing team created individualized decks for each retailer. They used Bedrock to create detailed reports on subcategory assortments for MELT and competing products. These reports, which the sales team brought to specific retailer meetings, paint a detailed picture of declining sales for competitors and point to a window of opportunity to revitalize category sales by carrying MELT.


“With Bedrock’s storylines we were able to tell a better story. It’s easy to set up a template and then repeat it for reach retailer. We met with 14 retailers. Every one of them was super positive and ready to place orders … We were already analyzing our data, but now we have insights at our fingertips. It takes just minutes to build a report with Bedrock that took four to six hours before.”

- Meg Carlson President & CEO Prosperity Organic Foods

Bedrock helps Otis McAllister analyze their sales data and increase revenue by 15 percent


Oakland-based Otis McAllister is a global food company that sells canned seafood, packaged rice, grains, and other products in the U.S. and many Latin American countries. Their brands include La Sirena, Village Harvest, and Super Lucky Elephant, among others.


Before the company came to Bedrock, they were struggling to gain distribution in mainstream retailers and needed help managing and analyzing their syndicated data.

Solutions Snapshot

Organization: Otis McAllister

Problem: Struggling to gain distribution, Otis McAllister needed tools to analyze syndicated sales data and bring insights to retailer meetings.

Solutions: Find market dynamics that favor Otis McAllister brands, to help increase retailer sales.

Benefits: Company’s La Sirena brand revenues have increase 15 percent.


Bedrock’s rapid insights provided the company’s brand and sales manager with the “automated analyst” he needed to prep for retailer meetings and answer retailer questions in real time. Instead of taking weeks to gather data from silos, create a presentation, and then get back to the retailer, Bueso can open Bedrock and provide answers right away.

Using Bedrock to analyze its sales data, the company discovered that low-priced competitors were flooding certain markets with their products. The sales team took these insights directly to retailers to show that Otis McAllister products sold faster than their lower priced competitors. Based on this insight, retailers discontinued these competitive brands, resulting in increased revenues of 15 percent in key markets for La Sirena.


“I pull up the numbers and insights on my iPad, on-the-go, and close the deal right there. Bedrock provides us with personalized support that allows for quick decision making and clarity on what strategy we should pursue in a fast and efficient way.”

- Albert Bueso Brand & Sales Manager Otis McAllister

Bedrock helps the happy egg co. hone its sales and marketing strategy, monitor competition, and uncover opportunities


The happy egg co., is the leading humanely produced free range egg brand, launched in U.S. markets in October 2012. In just three years, happy egg has become the country’s fastest growing free-range egg brand with retail partners that include Walmart, Costco, Target, Food Lion, Kroger, Safeway and Albertsons and a brand value exceeding $30 million. This kind of rapid growth has required lean, efficient operations and effective, efficient tools—like Bedrock.


Before making the switch to Bedrock, happy egg invested a lot of time in creating sales presentations from their data for retail meetings. They needed help to make sense of the huge volumes of data they track monthly and to turn that data into presentations that expand sales.

Solutions Snapshot

Organization: happy egg co.

Problem: Small team at a rapidly expanding young company needed tools for fast, effective analysis of their sales data.

Solutions: Quickly generate compelling reports and data insights for meetings with current and new retail partners.

Benefits: Bedrock allows happy egg to be very proactive and to deliver insightful analyses to retailers, leading to a two-fold increase in distribution over the last 12 months.


Bedrock has helped happy egg save time and money. Today, happy egg is the fastest growing free-range egg brand, and the only one with nationwide distribution. Bedrock is the foundation of its sales strategy, providing tools for monitoring competition and uncovering new market opportunities.


“Bedrock is an essential tool for quickly interpreting our Nielsen data. It allows us to be very reactive when we need to take those insights to meetings with both new and existing retailers. These insights also allow us to rapidly understand and report internally on how we are doing. Bedrock saves us an awful lot of time from an analysis point of view… Bedrock has made my job much easier. We are a small team and have a lot of new retailer meetings and preparing for them is much faster now. We are in a rapidly changing category and we all feel more confident as a team with the insights and information we get from Bedrock.”

- Jenni Danby Chief Marketing Officer the happy egg co.
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