Robert Esquivel, a Customer Success Manager here at Bedrock Analytics, is well-versed analyst.

There are few conversations more important to a CPG manufacturer than pitching products to retailers. These interviews don’t only determine whether or not your products will make it into stores, but where they will be displayed on limited shelf space — and you’re often competing with dozens, if not hundreds, of similar goods in the same category.


It doesn’t matter whether your product will replace something that was discontinued, or will go up against against similar goods from competitors. The main question is whether your product can help the buyer grow its category and / or market share.

“You have to be able to show that the grouping of products you define as your category will grow when your product is brought in. Whether it’s replacing an item or it’s an incremental item, you should be able to demonstrate that your product is unique or adding value,” Robert explains. “It’s a very difficult process to bring a new item onto the shelf. Every manufacturer should be able to explain why it’s worth it to the retailer to place their item. Knowing who the consumer is and why they will buy it is crucial to the decision process.”

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