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Driven by Data, Passionate About Powerful Sales Stories


At Bedrock, our mission is to help CPG manufacturers get the most value from their retail sales data.

We focus specifically on the needs and requirements of the CPG industry. Our platform simplifies complicated sales data, and turns it into actionable insights that tell clear stories about product performance at retail. Bedrock offers competitive advantages to CPG manufacturers of all sizes. Using the Bedrock platform, our customers expand into new markets, outperform competitors, and generate millions in incremental sales.

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Data Is Ubiquitous. Insights, Not So Much.

Manufacturers win more shelf space when they use CPG data more effectively than their competitors. Bedrock’s cloud-based platform analyzes syndicated retail data, automatically derives insights, and creates selling stories that communicate your brand's strengths. Our core users are sales and marketing teams, and category and brand managers at CPG manufacturers of all sizes, who understand that utilizing data is the key to success at retail.

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