• CPG Brands Drive Growth with Bedrock Analytics

    Bedrock Analytics helps CPG manufacturers leverage the power of data-driven analytics to pitch convincing stories to big retailers

CPG Fact: Data Is Ubiquitous. Insights, Not So Much.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers win more shelf space if they use data more effectively than their competitors. Bedrock’s cloud software analyzes your syndicated and retail data and automatically creates fact-based selling stories that communicate your strengths to retail buyers. Our core users are sales, marketing and analytics managers at CPG manufacturers of all sizes. CPG manufacturers generate an average sales increase of 10% after utilizing Bedrock.

From Raw Data to Insights in Seconds

Every CPG manufacturer has the same data. It’s what you do with it that counts. We can complete in fractions of a second what takes your competitors days to create.

The Traditional Way

8 Hours a Month of Analysis
2 Hours per Presentation

The Bedrock Way

Minutes to Insight
Seconds to Final Presentation

Why Disruptive CPG Manufacturers Choose Bedrock

Bedrock powers the most disruptive and innovative companies in the CPG industry. Together, we can grow sales and seize opportunities faster than any CPG manufacturer that doesn’t leverage our next-gen technologies to compete.


Our tools eliminate the complexities of analyzing CPG manufacturers data.

Fast and Efficient

Spend just minutes getting insights to expand your markets and grow sales.

Data Democratization

Sales managers are all on the same page and have actionable market, product and brand insights.

Computer Intelligence

Our customers leverage the power of machine learning to outsmart their competition.

Our Customers

Our customers range from emerging natural foods companies to multinational conglomerates, and they consistently increase sales using insights and storylines from Bedrock. They use our software and professional services to ensure they win in the marketplace. Bedrock customers are winning in markets that currently generate $42B in retail sales every year.

The CPG Industry

The consumer packaged goods industry is estimated to generate over $2 trillion annually in the US alone. There are thousands of CPG manufacturers, attempting to sell tens of thousands of brands, and hundreds of thousands of items into about 300 major retailers. A manufacturer's top 5 selling retailers tend to make up more than half of its total sales.

Retailers are demanding more information, insights and direction from manufacturers in order to improve product assortments and increase sales across product categories. While larger CPG manufacturers have the in-house resources to deliver these insights, most small and mid-sized manufacturers do not.

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