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Bedrock Desktop

Bedrock Desktop for Microsoft Excel utilizes the foundational power of Bedrock Analytics to maximize Excel’s efficiency with a set of key Bedrock visualizations, with no need for cloud access.

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Bedrock’s Key Visualizations in Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely accessible and frequently used business data tools. Bedrock Desktop harnesses the most popular key visualizations from Bedrock’s industry-leading cloud-based CPG analytics platform to make performing analysis on your desktop more accessible and valuable.

Featuring standard Bedrock visualizations like Market & Product Comparisons, Heat Maps, and Growth Drivers, Bedrock Desktop combines Excel’s presentation capabilities and Bedrock’s CPG data expertise to provide valuable detail to your spreadsheets and reporting.

Lean, Local & Powerful

Whether you have limited resources, limited needs, or are simply without an internet connection more often than you’d like to admit, Bedrock Desktop provides you with several key visualizations from the full cloud-based version of Bedrock, without the need to access our cloud platform. It’s perfect for users who are on the go, all the time.

The data you’re working with is stored locally — on your computer or private network — so it’s readily accessible from your desktop. There’s no need to upload your data to a cloud after you pull it down from your syndicated or retail portal provider, and no need for additional tools beyond Microsoft Excel and the Bedrock Desktop Excel Add-In.

Functional & Flexible

Bedrock Desktop leverages Microsoft Excel to present the following visualizations from the Bedrock Platform’s library of industry-leading insights tools:

  • Product Comparison
  • Period Comparison
  • Market Comparison
  • Multimetric Comparison
  • Heat Map
  • Market Share
  • Growth Drivers

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