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Nearly all CPG manufacturers purchase the same syndicated retail sales data, such as Nielsen and IRI. This data is pointless without analysis.

Leveraging retail sales data, to better understand and improve sales, requires specialized resources which are often costly and difficult to acquire. Most CPG firms lack the resources to compete.

Bedrock levels the playing field.


Our cloud software was created exclusively for the consumer packaged goods industry. Bedrock simplifies the process of extracting actionable insights from existing retail sales data by combining proven CPG analyses with next generation visualization software.

Bedrock allows your analytics, sales and marketing teams to focus on growing your sales and brands, instead of wasting countless hours manipulating spreadsheets and creating charts. Bedrock’s technology is cost-effective for manufacturers large and small, while alternative solutions and generalized platforms are expensive and difficult to implement.

Bedrock provides the analytics and visualization platform for the CPG industry.


The consumer packaged goods industry is estimated to generate over $2 trillion in the US alone. There are thousands of CPG manufacturers, tens of thousands of brands, and hundreds of thousands of SKUs attempting to sell into 300 retailers. A manufacturer's top 5 selling retailers tend to make up more than half of its total sales.

Retailers are demanding more information, insights and direction from manufacturers in order to improve product assortments and increase sales across product categories. While larger CPGs have the in-house resources to deliver these insights, most small and mid-sized manufacturers do not.


Bedrock is determined to change the way the CPG industry interprets data and communicates insights. We developed the Bedrock platform after spending years honing our skills in the CPG and technology industries. Our software provides our clients with a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our software automates the process of creating data visualizations and extracting insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, resulting in a positive ROI from the start.

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