Unveiling Omnichannel Data Sources: More Breadth in Bedrock

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

June 5, 2023

At Bedrock Analytics, we are unwavering in our commitment to continually invest in next-generation technologies that allow CPGs to turn data into sales.  In line with this promise, we are thrilled to publicly announce our Omni-Channel Data Source harmonization capability.

This capability empowers Bedrock users to connect more than 30 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) data sources for harmonization in the Bedrock Platform, augmenting their analyses and expanding their visibility to the omni-channel.  Bedrock unlocks the value in your data and powers it with AI, insights, simplicity, industry experience, automation and security.

Omnichannel Data Powered by Bedrock

Our CPG customers upload and harmonize their data from more than 30 sources, including:

  • Global syndicated data providers
  • Retailer portal data from different countries
  • E-commerce retailers such as Amazon
  • E-commerce data syndicators
  • Niche data sources such as bev/alc, veterinarian data, etc.
  • Panel data via the key providers
  • And others

On our radar are other data sets such as food delivery services, distributor data, store coordinates for mapping, custom data sets, internal data, etc.  Our goal is for all leading and emerging CPGs to leverage Bedrock as their operating system.  Scaling for a CPG requires consistency and a labor force skilled with executing repeatable processes while using their creativity to win.  We make it much easier for CPG brands to scale and focus on what moves the needle.


Why Focus on This?

Over the past year, a key set of our customers have been experimenting with their own uploaded data sets within their own unique databases in the Bedrock platform.  The CPG industry is demanding to look at their performance across all trading areas and channels to determine what is working and what isn’t.  They simply want to double down on what works and stop doing what doesn’t so they can grow their businesses.  It’s that simple.  Yet why is this hard to do today?

A CPG has a much harder job today than the brands of the previous generation.  They have 10x the data sets, complex channel strategies, 3x the competitors, VC money that doesn’t play by the rules of physics, executive boards asking about their AI strategies, Omnichannel complexity, retail buyers that want more support, yet the CPGs are operating with less people.  The CPG industry is demanding to be able to look across data sets to find patterns in disparate data in order to win in retail and with consumers.

Lastly, our prospects and customers are constantly asking us for advice on which additional data sets to buy in order to grow their brands. This makes it much easier to connect you to the appropriate data providers that can help you expand your existing data sets.  A large portion of the CPG industry is powered by Bedrock.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Our vision is to continuously expand the horizons of what is possible with data visualization, storytelling, generative AI, ML, and large language models, to give our CPG customers an unmatched competitive advantage.  We must democratize access to technology or else only the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world will leverage it to win.

Take a demo, see for yourself and join us.


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