Slides! Custom Deck Automation with Bedrock Analytics

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

November 1, 2023

Data. We all need it to get to the facts.

But in any meeting with a retail buyer, your story needs to be engaging and this doesn’t come from the data alone.

Until now, Bedrock has focused on the facts found within your syndicated and POS data. Yet, your full story was always more nuanced. It was housed in internal slides that are updated infrequently. These slides expressed your vision, mission, production facilities, advertising, innovation, and investments. This doesn’t come from your POS data.

Announcing: Slides! You can now upload these internal slides into the Bedrock Platform and combine them with your data visualization slides to create a complete export – all within the Bedrock Platform. In 10 seconds you’ll have updated data slides + your static uploaded slides turned into a single presentation that is ready to present. Did you hear the 10 seconds part?

Today, these uploaded slides are static. The future is much more interesting with AI recommendations on the entire pitch.

As a Bedrock customer, you are a partner to the leading AI-powered data analytics platform for CPG brands. Your partnership comes with advantages. We connect your data from multiples sources to unify your data. We give you the power to spin data into compelling stories that convince retail buyers to see the world through your eyes. We do it in seconds because we spend the resources necessary to do it that fast.

Partner with us to deploy the future faster. Our quick launch has your data flowing to Bedrock within 7 days. We are unmatched, moving faster and defining the future of the industry.