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Bedrock Core

The premier CPG data analytics platform for stronger, faster sales growth.

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Retail Data Visualization

Conveniently compare and contrast different products and markets in a library of easy-to-understand visualizations. Analytics like Trend, Share, Rank and Gap are no longer difficult concepts to understand and communicate value around.

With Bedrock, your market data is displayed in clear, concise visualizations.


Storylines group related and relevant Visualizations into a guided “data story.” Each Storyline walks through a sequence of data events that lead to a final, focused insight. Storylines for pricing and market comparisons, for example, end with specific insights into your pricing strategy or market reach.

Storylines make it easy to communicate with executives and retail buyers exactly what’s going on with your products and markets.

Export to Your Data for Practical Application

Exporting insights is simple with Bedrock. Whether you’re exporting a complete presentation deck, a single graph or chart, or a specific dataset for further analysis — everything you need is just a few clicks away.

Promotion Analysis and Event Calendar

Add context to sales data with our Promotion Analysis and Event Calendar. Plan, analyze and summarize your promotions with intuitive and interactive visualizations, and easily share promotion and event insights.

Top Line Report

Topline reporting allows users to quickly check a multi-metric, interactive report of their product performance, and create tailor-made views of categories. Topline reports are highly customizable, and automatically update every month, so you’ll have the latest report with every data refresh.

Accessible Expertise

The CPG experience and analytical expertise of a Bedrock Personal Analyst is always available when you need help with the platform. You can contact us anytime, from any view within the platform, with a click of a button.

Opportunity & Threat

Stay on top of alerts for all of your products. Know exactly when to take action as sales opportunities become available, and before any distribution gets lost.

Data Harmonization

Sort and organize data to customize any product group in any way. Customized product segmentation visualizations can be saved, allowing quick access for future analysis without having to rebuild any reports.

Product Segmentation

Bedrock is data agnostic. Our software automatically harmonizes product and market data across all of the CPG syndicated and retail data sources, allowing customers to update their databases in minutes.

Dynamic Selection

You can now use Bedrock to slice and dice your existing category information into new, more in-depth reporting without having to perform time-consuming data gymnastics. Products can be analyzed by flavor, segment (natural vs. conventional), form (power vs. liquid), packaging, size, etc., and like all other Bedrock visualizations, you can save your selections, and your reports will automatically update the next time you refresh your data! No other CPG BI tool is capable of this.

Sales Decomposition

Bedrock’s Sales Decomposition tool is an easy-to-read sales breakdown, in which you can view sales performance by either dollar or unit volumes, which are then further dissected into Base and Incremental volumes. Each descending branch of the Sales Decomposition tree digs deeper into the why of the branch above it, deconstructing the key drivers that contribute to growth or decline in a straightforward format.

Executive Summary

We know that busy CPG executives seldom have the time to spend pouring over detailed analytical reports when they often need quick snapshot of brand and category performance. That’s why we created Executive Summary. This AI-driven tool uses natural language generation to automatically turn your Bedrock topline reporting into plain English summaries, and delivers it straight to the inboxes of key stakeholders.

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