To Win in Retail, You Must Tell Your Best Story.

The Bedrock platform harmonizes CPG data, transforms it into sales stories that WOW and helps you convince retail buyers to win in retail.

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How We Are Different

You have a few choices in how you approach data within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

You can build endless dashboards in Excel or PowerBI, you can outsource it to consultants, you can make do with the data as it comes to you from the syndicators or you can leverage Bedrock.  The problem with the other alternatives is that you’ll struggle to get adoption with sales managers since they never signed up to be analysts.  We’re not yet another tool for analysts to build charts.  We help sales people tell their best sales stories backed up by a customized stack of technology.

The Bedrock platform provides you with hundreds of servers of computing power to make sense of your data.  We harmonize across data sources such as Nielsen, Whole Foods portal, Loblaw’s, etc. and connect the dots for you.  Bedrock is different because we were created for you by folks from the CPG industry, dedicated to ensuring that sales managers have the toolset needed for the next generation, guided by retail buyers to help you more successfully sell to the same retail buyers.

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Meaningful Insights in Seconds

Every CPG manufacturer has access to the same data. It’s what you do with it that counts. Bedrock Analytics can complete in fractions of a second what traditionally takes days to create.

Enable your analysts, sales and marketing teams to get ahead of your competition, with speed and agility.

The Bedrock Way

Minutes to Insight
Seconds to Final Presentation

The Traditional Way

40 Hours a Month of Data Pulling
12 Hours per Sales Presentation

The Bedrock Way

Minutes to Insight, Seconds to Final Presentation

The Traditional Way

40 Hours a Month of Data Pulling, 12 Hours per Sales Presentation

Purpose Built for CPG Key Account Sales Teams

Unlike general purpose business intelligence tools like Tableau and PowerBI, Excel pivot tables, and individual consultants, the Bedrock Analytics platform is a powerful BI tool purpose-built for the needs and requirements of the CPG industry.

Created specifically to harmonize information and extract insights from multiple syndicated and retail portal data sources, Bedrock provides the data visualizations that CPGs need to tell convincing selling stories. And for clients with deeper, more specialized needs, Bedrock offers a layer of professional services by experienced CPG analysts & ex-retail buyers who can provide expert data guidance and additional support.

Bedrock has become the leading analytics platform for the CPG industry.

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Performance Tracking

Stop wondering how your products are performing at retail. Stop worrying that your products may be discontinued at retail.

Bedrock allows you to easily monitor your products’ performance across history, market distribution, channel, and competition. With our algorithmically driven platform, growth opportunities and discontinuation threats can be identified early, and acted upon confidently.

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Our Customers

We power brands across 150 product categories.  Our customers range from emerging natural foods companies to multinational conglomerates, and they consistently win in the marketplace using Bedrock’s powerful storytelling platform and industry-leading support.  If you see your category in this list then that means that we are powering one or several of your competitors.

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The CPG Industry

The consumer packaged goods industry is estimated to generate over $2 trillion annually in the US alone. There are thousands of CPG manufacturers attempting to sell tens of thousands of brands, and hundreds of thousands of items into about 300 major retailers.

As Amazon and others quickly disrupt existing retail channels, retailer buyers are demanding specific insights from manufacturers in order to improve product assortments and increase velocities across product categories. While larger CPG manufacturers have the in-house resources to deliver these insights, most small and mid-market manufacturers do not.  Bedrock has been behind some of the country’s fastest growing brands, blazing new paths to winning in retail.

Bedrock levels the playing field or makes you unmatchable – depends on how you look at it.

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