Bedrock Accelerates Growth With Relocation of Headquarters Along With International Presence

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

October 26, 2021

To accommodate growth, Bedrock Analytics has moved its headquarters to a new Oakland, CA location and opened a new office in Mexico City

OAKLAND, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2021 / Bedrock Analytics, the leading data analytics & AI platform for CPG manufacturers, is pleased to announce the opening and relocation of its headquarters in Oakland, CA, along with its newly established Mexico City office.

The company’s main office has been relocated from its previous location in Oakland, which has become an emerging competitive tech capital in the post-COVID economy. Most recently, Oakland was ranked #4 in the top ten list of America’s Fastest-Growing Startup Cities: Q3 2021. Bedrock’s new downtown Oakland headquarters occupies an entire floor of an eleven-story building and has enough space to scale the company through its next phase of growth.

“We set out to build a company that would level the playing field between small and large CPGs so that every company could have a fighting chance for shelf space & market share,” said Will Salcido, Co-Founder and CEO, Bedrock Analytics. “We needed the additional space since we’ve doubled our headcount over the past 4 months. Bedrock’s unique DNA of pure underdog grit is at home in Oakland.”

Headquarters in Oakland, CA

Bedrock’s office in Mexico City is located within a refurbished estate in the center of the capital city’s Polanco district. The international expansion was a natural part of Bedrock’s evolution to accommodate growth by acquiring top talent and expanding their global footprint.

The insights company has a strong commitment to excellent customer support, with an average rapid response time of 2 minutes to questions from customers regarding data or the Bedrock Platform. The industry average is 24 hours. The responses come from full-time employees who have previously held CPG roles, which ensures they’re delivering valuable answers and insights backed by experience.

Bedrock is committed to building and scaling a unique team of experts who seek excellence and thrive in a fast-paced environment with personalized customer service and grit. It will remain focused on finding this talent around the world.

“Our international expansion is part of our long-term strategy,” said Salcido. “It’s been a challenging 18 months with the pandemic, but we’re coming out of it in a much stronger position by expanding our footprint & capabilities. We, along with our growing customer base across 160 product categories, are helping transform how the CPG industry sells into retail by using technology to augment outcomes.”

Bedrock office in Mexico City


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Bedrock is a data analytics & AI company focused on automated storytelling that helps salespeople at consumer goods companies humanize data so they can make more compelling sales presentations. Bedrock uses AI, informed by years of subject matter expertise, to integrate multiple data sources, harmonize the data and then illuminate the most important insights into automated sales pitches. Sales teams at small to Fortune 10 CPG companies use Bedrock to discover insights, automate sales decks and drive more revenue. Tell your best story at


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