Bedrock Assist™ Combines Bedrock’s Analytics Platform with Expert Professional Services to Create Stunning Sales Presentations

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

July 19, 2018

In the consumer goods industry, the last mile of data analytics is creating a presentation that wows its recipients by tying together impressive charts and visualizations with an interesting narrative that tells a convincing story. We have nearly perfected delivering CPG-specific visualizations in record speed. Our next challenge is helping our clients turn those visualizations into a powerful narrative by leveraging the full capabilities of our technology.

On July 30th, we are launching Bedrock Assist™, a new service that combines our award-winning software, Bedrock Core, with a new professional services arm that will design and create custom presentation decks and custom tools that deliver results. Bedrock Assist™ has been in beta with a select number of customers as we test concepts and acquire additional data sources to systematize our approach. These customers have achieved a 94% success rate in selling in their products with our data-driven presentations.

Our approach starts with the end. In other words, our professional services team takes your company’s specific goals into account before we ever even begin the analysis process. We then use Bedrock Core’s advanced analytic capabilities to develop a variety of  selling stories from various perspectives. The next step is part of the Bedrock Assist™ secret sauce, but we can say that it borrows concepts from the social sciences, political history, screenwriting and design to create compelling presentations for internal and external stakeholders.

Our professional services team includes some of the most experienced CPG analysts and category managers in the business. They come from big-brand CPG manufacturers such as Nestle, Clorox, Hershey and Diageo, as well as upstart companies including Runa, Annie’s and Vita Coco. They’ve been in your shoes, and they know exactly what it takes to help grow your business.

At Bedrock, we believe all CPG companies should have the right tools to win in retail. Bedrock Assist™ lets us take that commitment to another level. We partner with our customers’ category management teams to augment their abilities. If your company doesn’t have category management yet, we can fill analytical gaps for sales and marketing teams as your company grows.  

For prospective customers, one of our sales managers would be happy to explain more about Bedrock Assist™ during your demo. For existing customers, please inquire about next steps via your Bedrock customer success manager.

Bedrock helps you win by giving you the power to increase the ROI of your sales process as you close, grow, and keep more accounts. Use our no-risk pilot period to prove our value.