Bedrock Innovates with New Platform

Will Salcido

by Will Salcido

July 18, 2019

We are proud to announce that Bedrock has undergone a major infrastructure update where we have re-platformed to the latest front-end framework, React.  We consistently reinvest our resources to improve our services, products and support to ensure that we stay ahead of our customers’ needs.  Other companies leveraging React are Facebook, Walmart Labs, Netflix and Uber.

A platform update to React matters for Bedrock’s customers because it opens the possibility for rapid development of highly advanced analytics and innovative user interface concepts, and it sets the stage for true artificial intelligence driven capabilities & recommendations. It is an essential building block in creating a future with less friction, speed to insights, and ultimately a higher ROI for brands that use Bedrock.

Bedrock competes with larger incumbents such as Tableau and DOMO in the business intelligence and analytics space, yet our platform is built specifically to address the needs and requirements of the CPG industry. This implementation is the exciting starting point in the next phase of our journey. We are excited to share our new capabilities, and are grateful for your support as we accelerate our trajectory toward a shared future of progress & partnerships.