Bedrock Combines Innovation and Automation Into Industry-First Platform for CPG Brands

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

November 16, 2021

Our promise is to continually invest in next-generation technology that will transform data into retail sales. With that promise, we’re excited to release Bedrock Insights, the only platform designed to host and generate original sales content for CPG’s to have at their disposal. It’s a new and innovative way to gain a competitive edge over their competitors and win over retail buyers with insights. 

A CPG manufacturer can buy data, as long as they can afford it. However, best-in-class CPG sales leaders can outpace their competition by augmenting and automating their analyses via turning data into profitable sales decks, at scale. 

Bedrock Insights does much of the heavy lifting for you.

Until now, securing shelf space meant struggling to merge data from various sources to get the right insights that would help sell in your products. The new Bedrock Insights platform is opening new doors for CPGs to leverage cutting edge technology that pulls in data across multiple sources, manages and converts it into engaging content. It’s bridging the gap between complex data sets and results with curated selling stories, relevant visualizations and narratives.

Phase One of the platform’s iteration includes curated content, such as best-in-class sales presentation templates, industry insights, and general training guides. It is designed to accompany and support Bedrock Core, our visualization platform. Bedrock Insights showcases how visualizations from Core can be used to tell compelling sales stories.  The Insights platform leverages synthetic media (deepfake technology) to narrate analyses and provide context that can be missed with charts alone.

In addition to unparalleled use of AI, Insights has a team working behind the scenes with strong domain expertise. These former CPG sales, marketers, category managers, analysts, brokers and ex-retail buyers have been on countless retail sales pitches and become familiar with certain data points, such as tracking successful retail pitches, best in class usage of visualizations, winning retail sales strategies, and more, which are all leveraged in Bedrock Insights.  


What’s Next?

Bedrock is rounding out 2021 with an exciting chapter of our evolution. Delivering insights at lightspeeds and optimizing our data processing & automated QA capabilities is where we are making further investments. Phase Two of Bedrock Insights will come in 2022, which will feature automated insight generative capabilities through powerful AI, machine learning, and natural language generation models to transform retail data into original content. 

Bedrock Insights original content consists of various forms of media, both automated and curated: contextual presentations, synthetic media, reports, links to saved Bedrock visualizations, text generation, executive summaries, narrated analyses, and retail buyer recommended sales deck layouts. Bedrock is building out a set of powerful next generation AI capabilities that will be unmatched in the industry for years to come.

You will see the final deliverables of this technology in the shape of:

  • sales decks
  • competitive takedowns
  • new item presentations
  • discontinuation risks
  • narrated analyses
  • synthetic media
  • and more!

Bedrock Insights will be recommending & structuring the best path to generate the strongest story for our customers that will help them achieve their sales goals.

Automate. Innovate. Simplify. Empower. Bedrock is paving the way in making CPG data come alive like never before.