Thanks to the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, Nielsen data subscribers can effortlessly manage syndicated data within Bedrock’s insight generation platform.

Bedrock Joins Nielsen Connect Partner Network

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

December 3, 2019

If you’re both a Bedrock Analytics and Nielsen CPG Data customer, your data analytics are about to get a lot more powerful. We are excited to announce that Bedrock has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network.

What Nielsen Partnership Means for Bedrock Customers

Bedrock is a Proud Member of the Nielsen Connected Partners Network

As a company founded by former CPG analysts, Bedrock is acutely aware that generating actionable insights from CPG data can be a challenge. That’s why we developed the first modern CPG analytics platform that harmonizes data from retailer portals and syndicated sources, and automatically surfaces the most valuable trends. With the Nielsen Connect Partner Network — an open ecosystem of tech-focused solution providers for CPG retailers and vendors — Bedrock users can take their Nielsen data experience to the next level.

As the global leader in consumer and market data, Nielsen is an essential data resource for CPG manufacturers. By joining the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, Bedrock streamlines data access and the generation of insights, visualizations, and reporting for Nielsen CPG data customers. Leveraging this partnership, sales reps, marketers, and category managers can make powerful and compelling fact-based recommendations to retailers faster and easier than ever before.

“There is power in partnering up and we’re happy to have Bedrock Analytics onboard within the Nielsen Connect Partner Network,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Nielsen Connect Partner Network. “Bedrock’s cloud-based analytics and insights platform helps to bring Nielsen data to life for our CPG customers, empowering brands to build compelling sales stories for retail buyers. Bedrock powered by Nielsen is a win-win for shared CPG clients.”

How Nielsen And Bedrock Supercharge Your CPG Data

At Bedrock, we believe that open and transparent data ecosystems will determine the winners of tomorrow’s CPG industry. With the right actionable insights, any CPG brand can capitalize on growth opportunities to forge valuable retail partnerships. Traditionally, extensive data analysis has been a powerful capability relegated to enterprise CPGs with armies of analysts at their disposal — something few emerging and mid-sized brands can muster the resources to match. Bedrock’s partnership with Nielsen helps to level the analytical playing field.

It all begins when Nielsen delivers monthly data to Bedrock — either directly via API or through extract and import. Bedrock can then harmonize that data with information from other reporting sources, and our machine-learning algorithms immediately set about analyzing sales performance by region, market, channel, product and other core parameters. The end result is a full representation of sales performance that highlights valuable insights and growth opportunities.

With each data refresh, Bedrock automatically renders Nielsen’s latest data to ensure that brand analysis is up-to-date on the latest sales performance and market trend information. Even clients with limited data management experience can generate compelling sales stories before exporting that data as easily digestible charts and tables. Whether you’re preparing a sales presentation deck or writing an internal report, Bedrock powered by Nielsen will maximize the impact of your CPG data investment.

But that’s just the start of what Bedrock and Nielsen can accomplish. This new partnership also offers:

  • Frictionless Data Processing: All Nielsen subscribers who become Bedrock customers will have seamless access to their data through Bedrock’s platform. Visualizations are automatically updated as new data is released, ensuring that your reporting is reflective of the most recently refreshed data.
  • Automated CPG Data Analysis: Nielsen data is loaded directly into Bedrock’s platform, where repetitive data tasks are automated and standard reporting is automatically refreshed. This allows CPG sales managers to be more self-sufficient, and allows category managers to work with maximum efficiency and impact.
  • Unparalleled CPG Data Expertise: For CPGs that have additional analytical needs, Bedrock data expertise is available alongside our data visualization product. Our seasoned analysts can recommend strategies that enhance the performance of your brand and augment the impact of your data investment.

Getting Started With Bedrock And Nielsen

By joining the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, Bedrock is taking an essential step towards a future of open and transparent CPG data. CPG manufacturers looking to maximize the impact of an existing Nielsen data subscription — or need some guidance in getting started with Nielsen — should reach out to Bedrock to see how easy it is to work with Nielsen data in the Bedrock platform.