Bedrock Unveils New Custom Report Feature

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

November 17, 2022

There are times when you need a table to communicate your performance, especially when a chart can’t show enough facts at the same time.  Yet tables can be confusing for folks since there are various data points to look at. What most people do is export data into Excel then add highlighting and different font colors to make a table pop and focus attention on what matters.

Introducing Custom Reports.  

Format a custom report with custom highlighting, font colors, row sizing, measures and more to best tell your best story when using a table/grid all within the Bedrock Platform.  By making your insights easier to understand, you’ll win more by focusing them on your story.

Once you select the products you want added to the table via the change selections menu, you can drag and drop the products into your preferred order.  Then you can format each row or cell to highlight the points or segmentation you want to make.

“Up until now, we have focused almost entirely on the configuration of our visualization/charts.  With Custom Reports, you can now configure a table similar to how you would do it in Excel.  This idea came from various customers – thank you for your partnership” says Will Salcido, CEO and Founder of Bedrock Analytics. 

Fully Configurable

Row font colors, row highlighting, row bolding, row height, cell colors, cell highlighting, organization – it’s all configurable to help you point out the facts to make them feel more obvious.

Market Custom Reports

Using the same feature for products above, you can nest the divisions of a retailer under the corporate retailer or perhaps the grocery retailers under Total US Food.  Just drag and drop and apply highlighting to visualize segmentation.

At Bedrock we partner with our customers to make their lives easier.  We focus entirely on the CPG industry with a single goal – to help you win in retail.

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