Bedrock Analytics Launches New Remote Collaboration Tools

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

November 5, 2020

Like every other industry, COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the way business is being conducted by CPG manufacturers. With most of us having to work from home and host meetings over Zoom, the type of face-to-face interaction and intra-team collaboration that we used to take for granted has suddenly become obsolete, and we must find new ways to foster teamwork and cooperation with colleagues increasingly scattered across the country. 

Introducing Bedrock Collaborate, our new suite of collaboration tools designed to help CPG professionals discuss their insights and define sales strategies with remote teammates and colleagues. 

The first of the new collaboration tools is called Bedrock Notes. When you save a visualization in the Bedrock platform, you’ll see a new pop-out in the interface’s top right corner. Clicking on it opens the Notes panel for our built-in collaboration tool. From this window, you can create message threads for any specific person in your organization, such as team members working from home or executive leaders seeking a performance update.  You can tag specific individuals and they will get an email notification of your note and the resulting conversation.

The social capabilities inherent in Notes enable you to add context to each of your visualizations, analyses & discoveries.  It helps you fill in the missing parts of a selling story so you can better define and control the narrative. It also makes it easier than ever to discuss the latest metrics without exporting graphics or managing email threads. Teams that now work remotely and cannot participate in regular presentations will greatly benefit from this feature, but even once we all return to the office, the feature will make it infinitely easier to collaborate with your colleagues. 

Notes can help clients in all departments — from category management to sales — host conversations related to essential data. Users can pin specific visualizations that warrant attention, discuss useful insights, or recommend specific strategies.

In the future, you will be able to interact with Bedrock users outside of your immediate organization, such as retail buyers, brokers, investors, etc. by collaborating around your saved analyses so that you can share your unique perspectives to inform and convince.  This is phase one for Bedrock in the collaboration space.

Along with Notes, we also released a new collaboration capability named Bedrock Links, that provides shareable links for each of your data visualizations, so that you can email it to colleagues or collaborators and direct them straight to the visualization, rather than requiring them to navigate to the visualization within the Bedrock dashboard. These shareable links save your collaborators time and make it easier than ever to get their input or perspective on important data visualizations. 

We will make our new collaboration features available free of charge for new customers that sign up prior to 12/31/20 and will also make it available to all existing Bedrock Analytics customers.   

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