Bedrock Unveils New Dynamic Dashboard and Expanded Promotion Comparison

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

May 31, 2022

Bedrock’s Dynamic Dashboard Delights

To win at shelf, Bedrock knows CPGs must move past charts and static numbers to bring data to life and uncover deeper insights. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Dynamic Dashboard, giving customers a more comprehensive view of the marketplace at a glance. 

Meaningful data is now pulled together all in one place, bridging the gap between complex data sets to empower CPG sales managers with the insights they need to discover & deliver compelling insights in their retail pitches. 

Historically, customers could only see a single chart, such as Product Comparison, on a single page. It left customers wanting to combine analysis to augment their slides. The newly updated Dashboard now allows users to put multiple visuals into a single page view. Tiles and chart types can be configured to the user’s liking, so now you can toggle between multiple chart types based on your or your retailer’s preference in viewing the data. 


The Trends view is also now pivotable between types of time periods, either individual weeks, rolling four weeks, or aggregates. The data is automatically updated based on the most recent refresh. The dashboard can also be instantaneously updated to display data on other retailers to make quick comparisons. These views are saveable, shareable and downloadable as an image to directly embed into any powerpoint presentation. 

 “The Dynamic Dashboard view is another step in Bedrock’s evolution to provide a more granular view of your sales data and see multiple data points at once,” says Will Salcido, CEO and Co-Founder of Bedrock Analytics. “Our customers will get a better snapshot of what’s happening in the marketplace, and won’t have to switch screens to see additional context, but instead have broader perspectives on their performance with the new Dynamic Dashboard.”

Deeper Insights to Understand the effect of Promotions on Your Bottom Line

Sales aren’t just impacted by your own promotions. Often a competitor’s promotions can influence an entire product category, which is why Bedrock is unveiling its new Promotion Comparison feature, allowing customers to not only analyze their own promotions in a given retailer, but also compare their key competitors’ promotions in the same geography across key promo measures such as # of weeks, length of promotion, promoted pricing and more.

Before now, customers would look at a single product in a single market at a time. Now Bedrock has enabled our customers to see not just the figures, but a visual calendar view that illustrates when and how often key competitors promote their products.

When data is uploaded & analyzed by the Bedrock Platform, it detects what’s on sale, the weeks on sale, length of promotion, average promoted price and % sales lift, by promoted event. This helps narrow down the exact events that are seeing the most success, and those that are having a non-impact on your brand. Bedrock’s easy-to-read user interface allows you to analyze promotions from multiple competitors at the same time, over time, so you can see how they may have affected your own product’s sales.

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