It's a brave new world for CPG sales managers, one in which mastery of the remote sales pitch is a must-have skill in order keep your market share growing.

Mastering the Art of the Remote Sales Pitch

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

April 1, 2020

Brave New Sales World

CPGs have long relied on in-person sales presentations to make the wheels of commerce go ‘round. But the world is changing, and we’re not just talking about CODIV-19.

Beyond current global health concerns, business people in general are traveling less because of tight budgets and increased efficiency practices. This new business reality finds CPG sales managers finally facing inevitable reliance on online conferencing services.

The rest of the business world has already embraced video conferencing and e-meetings with platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting, and it’s time the CPG industry caught up. Corporate cultures are already finding ways to integrate tech-driven solutions into the workplace. While this trend began with tech companies, the CPG industry isn’t far behind. Making this pivot, however, requires sales managers to find ways to bring presentations to life for buyers who aren’t in the same room with them.

When you’re not in the same room with the people you’re pitching, distractions can interject all too easily. From buzzing cell phones to other windows on their computer screens, even whatever may be happening outside their windows — these things can pull people away from the task at hand. A sales manager’s job is to be extra engaging in these situations, from the data you’re presenting to how you’re presenting it.

The Right Tools for the Job

Bedrock Analytics can help by providing CPG brands with data visualizations that stand out in a video conference environment, but we also know about selling remotely — it’s what we do. 

In one of our most popular Bedrock Analytics Demo Webinars, we explored the ways CPG sales professionals can bring their most impactful presentations to remote settings. We considered the ins and outs of:

  • Video conferencing: There’s no shortage of videoconferencing options to meet your business needs — from paid services like Zoom to free services like Google Hangouts.
  • Analytics: Accessible data analytics are essential for sales teams trying to close deals. With Bedrock Analytics, you can translate data from spreadsheets into easy-to-understand visualizations, and incorporate them into your pitches.
  • Remote presentations: Create presentations that will have the most impact on your future partners. Put together slide decks, and show the data in action within the platform, to highlight key insights, tell strong selling stories and present them seamlessly during your call.

CPG sales managers are accustomed to doing business with eye contact and a handshake. In today’s tech-driven culture, however, it’s essential to offer the same level of persuasion even when your buyers are hundreds or thousands. The good news is that the world is quickly coming to grips with doing business remotely, and tools like Bedrock Analytics bring sales presentations to life by surfacing compelling, thought-provoking insights. Whether you’re pitching in-person or through a videoconference, presenting the right data with the right delivery will help you grow your business.

At Bedrock, we’re at the forefront of bringing user-friendly technology to CPG manufacturers so that they can embrace the digital age. With this webinar, we share our experiences and advice on remote presentations while highlighting the best ways data visualizations give you a competitive edge.

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