Bedrock Launches Perspectives, a CPG AI Innovation

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

May 8, 2024

It has been a year since becoming the first software platform to deploy generative AI in the CPG data analytics industry. We have been clinical with what CPGs actually need to succeed in retail with this quickly evolving technology. This led us to a highly particular solution leveraging AI just for CPGs.

Introducing Perspectives powered by ChatGPT-4o.

Perspectives analyzes your data through the lens of 4 CPG roles (sales manager, category manager, brand manager & retail buyer). In addition, each role can have a distinct goal such as growing sales, analyzing the competition, finding weaknesses in the competition, etc. Each analysis has a unique voice, tone and purpose. This leads to insights that might not have been apparent in a visualization.

A user can select the length and preferred formatting of the analysis. In addition, the insights that ChatGPT delivers can be edited within the Bedrock Platform so that our users have the control over each word that is presented, saved and exported. Saved visualizations will export Perspectives in the presenter notes section within PowerPoint slides.

A word about our choice of ChatGPT-4o. It is the best large language model for the CPG industry as of May 2024, based on our extensive testing. Yet, we are committed to being the Geneva, Switzerland of data analytics platforms (we harmonize NielsenIQ, Circana, SPINS and 25+ other sources). Because of our market position and our desire to provide choice for our users, we will soon allow the ability to switch between different leading AI models from competing providers. Bedrock will handle the backend infrastructure that gives our users choice while delivering sub-10-second insights from competing AI models. More to come on this as we finalize corporate partnerships.

Perspectives is a premium upgrade. Ask your Bedrock account manager for more details on this innovation.