Bedrock Unveils New Feature: Storyboards

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

March 7, 2022

We talk a lot about storytelling here at Bedrock. That’s because we help CPG brands convince retailers to stock a product by telling strong fact-based sales stories. How? Through syndicated & POS data that is augmented with AI and specific sales perspectives to help sales managers prepare a convincing sales deck. Making this process seamless for our customers is important to us, that’s why we’re always taking an iterative approach to upping the game of our accessibility and overall user experience. 

We know that, just like the movies, no story is ever told on screen without the preliminary work of a storyboard — a high-level look that pre-visualizes the narrative you want to tell. It’s a visual representation of the sequence, or order, of the story. 

At Bedrock, we know the order in which you tell your sales story matters. That’s why this week marks an exciting time in the platform’s evolution as we release Bedrock “Storyboards”— the latest feature that allows users the flexibility and freedom to dynamically change the order of visualizations & analyses.  Storyboards will replace Saved Visualizations within our platform.

What’s New?

Drag and Drop Storyboards

Until now, the current software had a limited view of the ways to organize an analysis. The order in which you’re able to view these saved analyses/visualizations was determined by hard coded presets, either by last session, last opened, or name

Now, when users are creating a sales presentation, they have the versatility to be able to reorganize (Drag and Drop) the flow of saved visualizations in the way they want to present the pitch.  It then auto-saves the order, allowing creators to add ideas as they think of them with the freedom to organize it all later in a much more efficient, user-friendly way.  It automatically saves your order!

Bullet Points

A storyboard in movie making maps out not only the visuals of a scene but also the notes that convey “why the scene matters”. The same context is helpful to have in any sales presentation. That’s why another added capability with the release is “Points”, where users can embed bullet points and further explanation under the slide/tile to give extra context to their storyboard. This makes cross collaboration easier with a deeper understanding of what the creator was trying to achieve. Points will be used in the future in new and innovative ways – for now, they are descriptors of the saved analysis within the context of a Storyboard.


Once you organize the order you can then export an entire storyboard to PowerPoint in less than 10 seconds.  Yet the products or markets of a storyboard can be changed prior to export so that an entirely new deck can be generated from the shell of an existing presentation.  This feature generates a new deck in seconds that is unique to each market.  Our integration with Microsoft Office makes this capability possible.

What’s Next?

The order of analyses has always been important, but hasn’t been addressable within Bedrock in a user-centric way – until now. The future has additional promising updates as we look to develop dynamic and custom storylines on the fly while sharing relevant “points” of view.

The building blocks of storytelling are at the forefront of all of our latest developments at Bedrock.

To see how anyone at your organization can utilize Bedrock’s Storyboard feature to organize their presentations, set up a demo today!