Updated Feature: Sales Decomposition

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

September 7, 2022

Sales Decomposition Tree

Dollars and Units are the most fundamental measures that a syndicated data set can provide a brand.  You are either growing, flat or declining.  Yet, that information is not enough.  You must understand “why” you’re growing, flat or declining in a given market.  Digging deeper into your measures will provide a clearer picture of the drivers of your performance.

Bedrock’s updated Sales Decomposition feature packs in various new capabilities.

  • Dollar sales are deconstructed into Base and Incremental dollars
  • Base dollars are broken down to Distribution and Velocity measures
  • Incremental dollars are divided into Promotion and Merchandising measures
  • Several sections are expandable to highlight additional drivers
  • It is now exportable into a high resolution image that can neatly be pasted onto a PowerPoint slide
  • Each measure is editable

Since each measures is editable, you can now customize your own sales decomposition tree since each data set from Nielsen, IRI & SPINS is unique.  As an example, if you are missing a fact such as # of Stores Selling, you can replace it with an alternative distribution measure to help you understand why your sales have declined.

Market Comparisons

Using the same sales decomposition tree structure, you can now compare two different markets on the same visualization, side-by-side. This will allow you to easily determine if a retailer is outperforming its rest of market across key measures for the same product.  The same features that are found in the sales decomposition are available for the market comparison view.

Where to Find It

To find the updated sales decomposition feature, simply navigate to your visualization library and open the sales decomposition tile out of the 23 pre-built, fully configurable and ready-to-use visualizations.  If you have any questions, please contact your customer success team for assistance via the chat feature within the Bedrock Platform.

Watch a video of the new feature below: