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by Bedrock Analytics

February 2, 2022

Bedrock Introduces Synthetic Narrators Sofie and Jake, in an Innovative Application of Deepfake Technology

By now you’ve heard us talk about the importance of storytelling for CPG manufacturers.  We see a future that will require CPGs to make strategic investments in data and its related services as the demands that retailers are placing on their vendors continues to increase. 

In any natural system, efficiency follows the consistent acquisition of a raw material.  In other words, once you have access to reliable data, the next step is always to extract as much insight from it as possible while exerting the least amount of energy doing it.

That’s where Jake and Sofie come in – Bedrock’s Synthetic AI Bots will revolutionize how CPG sales teams piece together their decks with the right insights to tell a story that sells. We think of Sofie and Jake as digital assets that help our customers interpret their insights into familiar and insightful narratives that are embedded in a Bedrock generated sales deck.

Bedrock is one of the first tech companies to leverage an emerging branch of AI known as Synthetic Media, or more commonly referred to as Deepfakes.  Sofie and Jake are computer generated and live within our new Bedrock Insights platform.  Currently their narrations are configured by us, yet in the future we plan to enable them to operate independently of our configurations which means they will process, interpret, and narrate an analysis solely based on your data – and your goals.

Sample Sales Decks

Today, Sofie is helping customers prepare for category review meetings without the stress. She leads customers through a typical category review deck prepared using the Bedrock Core Platform on a set of key accounts. With a focus on narrating an analysis in less than 10 slides, Sofie talks about a brand’s competitors, the key items driving growth, and the dollar opportunity gaps a brand might have if they closed distribution gaps in a specific retailer.

**Disclaimer: These slides were made for illustrative purposes only.  They show what could be generated with Bedrock Core minutes. The information is based on aged data that has been anonymized.

  1. Outlines the performance of key competitors in a category

  1.           Shows the levels of promo subsidization in a market

  1.           Shows $ opportunity by closing distribution gaps 

  1.           Item performance and movement  

What Buyers Want 

Depending on the analysis, Sofie will guide customers over to Jake where he details what buyers want on a typical sales call to show the CPG’s strength in the marketplace. Jake outlines retailer criteria and expectations, where the focus is on what they like to see — most notably:  pricing, margin, new item benchmarks and supply chain metrics.  He also expands on the role these metrics might play in a category review.

 Other tidbits that Jake can explain:

  • Which retailers prefer longer decks (10-15 slides is a common sales deck for Costco in a typical 30-minute meeting vs. a shorter deck for Publix.
  • How to put the focus on specific metrics that retailers care about such as units per store per week at Walmart vs. $ sales at Albertsons.
  • The flow of a sales deck – some prefer the $ opportunity upfront and others prefer the build up to the opportunity.


Let Sofie, Jake, and our full bench of AI Bots guide you through your retail deliverables. 

We are adding new capabilities on a monthly basis so request a demo or get started today!