Bedrock Analytics Announces New Executive Summary, Now in Preview

Leo Li

by Leo Li

May 9, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce the latest feature of the Bedrock Analytics platform: the Executive Summary.

The nation’s top CPG analysts, and sales and marketing managers are using our platform every day to uncover insights within their syndicated scan data. They’re creating clear, powerful visualizations from those insights, and exporting them directly to PowerPoint presentations, Excel files, and other performance reporting tools.

Executive Summary: Data in Plain English

Sometimes, though, stakeholders just need a weekly or monthly summary of performance, spelled out in plain English. How are the categories you’re in performing over time, and across channels — and what’s driving that performance? How is your brand tracking against competitors, regionally or by channel? Are your products at risk of losing distribution, or slipping against competitors?

Bedrock Executive Summary is all about explaining your data’s key takeaways in straightforward terms. This algorithmically-driven tool automatically turns your topline reporting into clear, concise summaries of category and brand performance, and also presents potential risks, so you can get a clear view forward, to take advantage of coming opportunities and avoid looming threats.

This makes it easy for sales, marketing and executive leaders to get a plain English snapshot of where their business is, and plan accordingly.

To get access to Bedrock’s new Executive Summary feature, reach out to us — we’d be happy to show you how awesome it is.