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Our Solution: Analytics for CPG Manufacturers Data Made Simple

Syndicated Sales Data Providers. Whole Foods Portal. Retail Link. You have mountains upon mountains of data. What you don’t have is time to dig through it or to become an expert on a complex business intelligence system.

We designed Bedrock Analytics to cut through the complexity of working with CPG manufacturers' retail data. We deliver the power of sophisticated data analytics in a solution that is cost-effective and easy-to-use. Our customers are some of the fastest growing CPG manufacturers in the world. They drive decisions quickly and confidently with Bedrock. Retail buyers trust us to communicate what matters.


Uncover the insights you need on your own, without an army of analysts or complex business intelligence software.


Getting to insight with Bedrock Analytics takes seconds. We are web-based and easy to use. If you’ve got an iPad or other tablet, we provide full native touch-screen support.

CPG Focused

We are designed exclusively for the needs of CPG sales managers and teams. We deliver the essential CPG insights that you need to expand distribution, increase sales and grow brands.


We break down organizational barriers by creating a centralized retail sales data and insight hub that departments can access and share. With Bedrock, everyone on your sales team can get on the same page, sharing reports and best practices.

Easy to Implement

If you have an IT department, you won’t need their help to use Bedrock. We don’t require any installation or implementation support—all you need is a web browser to access our cloud-based service.

Straight Paths to Insight

Bedrock’s sophisticated data analytics is packed with features and functions designed for the specific, day-to-day needs of CPG sales managers. We provide smart, intuitive access to your data in a way that fits your daily workflow. Our Visualizations and Storylines deliver insights that can open new markets and grow sales for your brands. Bedrock’s software gets smarter over time as it finds patterns in your data and begins to make more insightful recommendations.


Storylines group related and relevant Visualizations together into a guided "data story". Each Storyline walks through a sequence of data events leading to a final, focused insight. Storylines for pricing and market comparisons, for example, end with specific insights into your pricing strategy or market reach.


Visualizations let you dive into your data more deeply. Our Visualization Library includes industry-specific analyses of everything from opportunity gaps to pricing trends to distribution voids. Each visualization is configurable and can be set to display any market, product, fact or period instantly. Visualizations are also the primary building blocks for Bedrock Storylines.

Bedrock Technology: Easy Implementation and Serious Security

Data Harmonization

Bedrock is data agnostic. We work with any and all of the syndicated & retail data sources that CPG manufacturers use. Bedrock automatically harmonizes product and market data across data sources, allowing customer databases to be updated with new data in minutes, and allowing meaningful comparison across data sources.

Data Archiving

Bedrock archives historical data automatically. We preserve your data from previous periods, providing access to historical data and insights.


We take data protection seriously. Our cloud infrastructure is tightly controlled, and secured by industry-standard technology and best practices so your data is never compromised by external threats or system failures.

Access Control

Bedrock's database administration console allows administrators to grant and revoke access to each product category database, as needed. You have full control over who accesses your data.

Data Transfer and Backup

All data is transferred to Bedrock using industry standard SSL encryption to keep data protected and confidential. We automatically back up client category databases; if a database fails we restore data to a point in time just before the failure.

Data Segregation

Every customer database runs in isolation to ensure our clients' data remains inside their organization.

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