Insights in Minutes, not Hours

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

December 12, 2016

How Bedrock Analytics Allows CPG Teams to Focus on Creating Selling Stories Instead of Wasting Time on Crunching Data

Instead of being pitched how your brand is #1 in suburban Denver with kombucha drinking soccer moms, but only when it’s sunny out, retail buyers would rather inquire about your impact on their category and sales, the amount of promotional support you can offer them, the reasons why your velocities are improving (or not improving), and so on. Why not make it easier for them?

You can intelligently respond to retailers’ questions using “fact-based selling stories.” By weaving in data-driven insights into a compelling and engaging narrative, you can build stronger rapport with retailers and encourage them to place more orders.

The problem is that the typical CPG marketer & analyst spends more time collecting and cleansing data rather than creating selling stories. CPG account managers are left with static selling decks that aren’t relevant to their retail buyers. We at Bedrock Analytics understand this problem, and that’s why we developed a cloud-based solution that can help you accelerate insights generation so you can focus on creating your own selling stories.

Here’s how Bedrock’s solution can help you glean insights in minutes, not hours:

Straighten the path to insight: Bedrocks removes the hurdles that delay insight generation.

CPG giants won’t survive without data,” says Bonin Bough, former media boss at Mondelez. But to truly survive, CPG brands must learn how to make sense of all their data, which can come from a variety of sources including syndicated sales data providers, retailers, and others.

Bedrock helps you reduce the amount of time spent on data collection and cleansing (from 40% to 10%) and reporting (from 30% to 20%) so you can accelerate insights generation. This allows our clients to build compelling retailer-specific analyses and selling stories in minutes — something which used to take them four to six hours to do per retailer.

Tell a better story using Bedrock storylines: Bedrock helps CPGs fully harness insights by weaving it into a visual story.

Bedrock also has pre-built decks for selling, which can help you bridge the gap between visualization to presentation. One of our clients used our prebuilt storylines combined with our easy to use analytics software to great effect: they met with 14 retailers, presented their selling stories, and every one of the 14 retailers placed an order.

Retail buyers expect CPGs to respond to their concerns and queries in an insightful way and provide them with fact-based recommendations. You may have sufficient data to back up your claims, but do you really have the time to sift and process through all that data just to be able to communicate your selling story? Bedrock can help you overcome this challenge by simplifying data processing so you can focus on generating visually engaging category reviews, new item introductions, pricing recommendations, promotion evaluations, market comparisons and general sales presentations.

About Bedrock Analytics

Bedrock’s cloud software converts your syndicated and retail data into actual selling stories. These fact-based selling stories were designed to convince retail buyers to distribute and keep your products on shelves. The cloud-based software allows your sales, marketing, and analytics teams to focus on growing your sales and brands instead of wasting time and energy reinventing the wheel. Companies run faster and smarter with Bedrock. Visit to schedule a demo.