Bedrock ChatGPT Automated Insights

Introducing: ChatGPT Multi-Visualization from Bedrock


by Bedrock Analytics

April 19, 2023


CPGs are unlocking the power of their data with Bedrock. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are turning their data into stunning presentation visuals for hundreds of product categories, providing valuable insights that turn into profitable sales decks.


Until now, customers have simplified their data management by importing and harmonizing syndicated and retail portal CPG data, then segmenting it to generate custom visualizations that can be saved for future reference. 


Bedrock unleashes the full potential of customers’ data and takes it to new heights by enabling them to create powerful and compelling sales stories. With the ability to export these stories to their own branded presentations, customers can showcase their insights and take their brand to a new level that drives category growth and secures shelf space.


That next level is now. 


Introducing, Multi-Visualization — Bedrock’s new visualization capability helps CPGs effortlessly generate visually stunning slides that showcase multiple items on a single page. If a brand wants to show a retail buyer how they’re the growth leader, while generating the highest promoted lifts, yet with the lowest distribution in their stores, all in a single slide, this new feature makes it easy to create polished presentations that will connect the dots. And with the ability to export directly into high-resolution PowerPoint slides, sharing insights has never been simpler. 


Historically, the visualization capability has been about a single chart, table, or analysis, per page, resulting in users taking their slides and manually combining them in Powerpoint on their own. However, each slide in a presentation may come from a different source and be formatted differently, making it challenging to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the presentation. Sales managers may need to spend significant time adjusting the slides to ensure they are visually appealing and effectively communicating the data. 


With the Multi-Visualization feature, users can eliminate the extra work and seamlessly export ready-to-sell slides with multiple items on a single page. Bedrock does the heavy lifting for you:


1. Choose a layout

bedrock multi-visualization layout


2. Add specific visualizations (e.g. promo comparisons, distribution gaps, sales decompositions, etc) to the layout

bedrock multi-visualization visualizations


3. Combine it with other charts to create a deck 

bedrock multi-visualization charts


4. Generate Automated Insights with ChatGPT

bedrock multi-visualization automated insights


5. Save and export it to PowerPoint

bedrock multi-visualization powerpoint export

To enhance the user experience, each of these areas features independent controls. For instance, while one area may pertain to items, another may be centered around markets, and each will feature corresponding pie charts, tables, or text boxes to provide a comprehensive visual representation. This allows users to replicate their Powerpoint workflow, gaining greater insight into how their data will be displayed before confidently exporting it in this format.


What’s Next? Let AI Be Your Personal Analyst  

At the same time as the launch of Multi-Visualization, Bedrock is launching AI-generated Automated Insights, leveraging the popular ChatGPT large language model that mimics human communication.  Bedrock’s Automated Insights summarizes a visualization of muti-vizualization’s performance in the form of bullet points that a customer can use to better understand their performance, opportunities, or threats.  


To see how Bedrock’s powerful Multi-Visualization feature streamlines the process of creating dynamic and visually engaging presentations, reach out for a free demo and see the difference!