Bedrock Analytics Unveils ChatGPT Integration for CPG Insight Automation at Scale


by Bedrock Analytics

April 19, 2023

Bedrock becomes the first CPG-focused software application to leverage ChatGPT for automated insights on competitive retail performance

Oakland, CA, April 19, 2023Bedrock Analytics, a prominent leader in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers, today announced their latest platform upgrade, which will leverage generative AI to automate insights that will help CPG brands better compete in an omni-channel retail environment. 


This advanced technology has been developed using Open AI’s ChatGPT, an open-source AI  model that Bedrock has further enhanced to offer an unparalleled solution exclusively designed for the CPG industry. With the latest upgrade, Bedrock now delivers instantaneous and relevant insights to help CPG brands make data-driven decisions in real-time.  This upgrade is effective immediately for all customers in all countries and powers most all visualizations & analyses within the Bedrock Platform.


“The CPG industry is seeking productivity and competitive advantages as the market cools,” said Will Salcido, Bedrock CEO and Founder. “Not only do they have to harmonize disparate data sources into a single source of truth to get a true view of their performance, but they also need to find the time to extract the insights to tell the stories that retail buyers will find persuasive. Without the proper tools in place, this can be an incredibly time-consuming process that only a handful of experts can pull off.  We empower our CPG customers to fly at hyperspeed.”


Bedrock’s new Automated Insights directs the appropriate AI language models to run on that particular dataset, without needing the user to type in a command. When users navigate to their selected visualization, the Bedrock platform will await for the users to select a single button which will then run & generate multiple Automated Insights via descriptions and key highlights. These can be overwritten & modified directly within the platform.  

Bedrock ChatGPT Automated Insights

“Artificial Intelligence has become the subject of dinner conversations across the world thanks to the proliferation of OpenAI,” said Salcido, adding, “As one of the first beta users of OpenAI since 2020, we had a multi-year headstart to get it right for the CPG industry.”  Bedrock’s primary focus has been on ensuring the security and privacy of the data. The process is designed to transmit data in anonymized fragments and then transform it back into relevant insights in real-time.” 


Another major upgrade to the Bedrock platform is the ability to now run multi-visualizations in a singular view. Historically, the visualization capability has been focused on a single chart, table or analysis per page, resulting in users taking their exported slides and manually combining them on their own. Now, users can select up to four visualizations to be shown in the same view. Regardless of the number of visualizations shown, Automated Insights, powered by ChatGPT will summarize the collection of visualizations.


The Bedrock Analytics platform has seen major innovations in recent months, including updated custom reports and dashboards, increased promotional analysis capabilities, and enhancements to the sales decomposition analysis.


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