Bedrock Analytics Announces Sales Decomposition Tool, Now in Preview

Navdip Bhachech

by Navdip Bhachech

May 16, 2019

At Bedrock, our mission is to help our customers understand the numbers behind their businesses by unlocking the insights hidden within the source data they receive from syndicated providers and retail portals.

Our engineers and analysts are always working on finding new ways to discover and present these insights in meaningful and actionable visualizations. To that end, we’re announcing the rollout of our latest feature — Sales Decomposition.

What is Sales Decomposition & Why Does it Matter to CPG?

The purpose of Sales Decomposition is to break down sales performance by the measures that determine if a product is declining or growing.

In the Bedrock Analytics Sales Decomposition tree, the data can be presented from two distinct angles: Dollar or Unit volumes, which are then dissected into Base and Incremental volumes.

Each descending branch of the Sales Decomposition tree digs deeper into the why of the branch above it, deconstructing the key drivers that contribute to growth or decline in a straightforward, easy to read format — growth metrics appear in green boxes, decay in red boxes. Dig even deeper to see at a glance how your sales are impacted at the distribution, velocity, and various promotions levels.

The purpose of Sales Decomposition is to break down sales performance across channels and markets so you can understand the driving factors.

Bedrock Core already provides customers with valuable data visualizations for things like Promotion and Event tracking, Market Share reporting, Opportunity Gap Analysis, Executive Summary, and much more. What Sales Decomposition adds to the mix is the ability to quickly see the reasons for change in sales, providing valuable information for strategic planning to capitalize on success, and apply improvement where needed.

Understanding the cause of positive or negative movement in your sales has never been this accessible or easy. Reach out to us to learn more — we’d love to show you how Sales Decomposition can help you understand your sales, and contribute to the growth of your brand.