Bedrock Announces Dynamic Selection, a New Way to Filter Your Data

Leo Li

by Leo Li

June 5, 2019

What is Dynamic Selection & How Does it Work?

Dynamic Selections is a way for the Bedrock platform to filter databases…well, dynamically, and choose products based on specific set of filters — available product attributes like subcategory type (e.g. kombucha vs. coconut water), packaging materials (e.g. plastic vs. glass containers), and size (e.g. 12-pack vs. 6-pack), etc.

So, for example, you might start your analytic search within Bedrock by looking at a category’s top six items by dollar sales — pretty standard. But from there, you might want to sort by flavor, like vanilla. But then maybe you want to know the top six vanilla flavored products only in powder form… Oh, and perhaps you only want to see those products from the natural category, too. No problem.

In Bedrock, you can now slice and dice your existing category information into new, more in-depth reporting without having to perform time-consuming data gymnastics within Excel.

With In Bedrock's Dynamic Selection, you can now slice and dice your existing category information into new, more in-depth reporting.

Who is Dynamic Selection For?

Dynamic Selection filtering is particularly valuable to CPG brands that have multidimensional databases. Products that can be analyzed by flavor, segment (natural vs. conventional), form (power vs. liquid), packaging, size, etc. It’s also extremely useful for brands with products that span multiple subcategories.

Typically, in order to achieve this depth of view, CPG analysts have to painstakingly create an aggregate — search through Excel for each attribute, then group them, sort them, and rank them, which normally eats up hours of time.

Bedrock’s Dynamic Selection does away with all that, and makes it a straightforward point-and-click process. Plus, as is the case with all Bedrock visualizations, you can save your selections, and your reports will automatically update the next time you refresh your data!

To see Dynamic Selection in action, reach out to us — we’d be happy to give you a quick demo of this game-changing feature!