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Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

September 5, 2020

How Bedrock Analytics Allows CPG Sales Managers to Create Solid Selling Pitches Rather than Spinning Their Wheels Downloading and Crunching Data

With COVID quickly changing so many aspects of the retail industry, instead of being pitched your brand’s origin story, retail buyers would rather inquire about your impact on their category and sales, the uniqueness of your offering, the amount of support you can offer them, the reasons why your velocities are improving (or not improving), and so on. Why not make it easier for them since they will ultimately decide if you make it onto store shelves?

Retail Buyer

Retail buyers expect fact-based selling stories from their leading CPG manufacturers.  You either have a convincing pitch or your largest competitor will tell your story for you.   You can just feel when your pitch isn’t connecting with the buyer.

The problem is that the typical CPG associate brand manager or category manager spends more time collecting and cleansing data rather than creating selling stories for their sales teams. Besides, they have other more strategic work to do on the Target & Walmart accounts… CPG key account managers are left with static selling decks that aren’t relevant to their retail buyers.

We at Bedrock understand this problem, and that’s why we developed a cloud-based solution that can help you accelerate insights generation so you can focus on creating your own selling stories.

Straighten the path to insight: Bedrocks removes the hurdles that delay insight generation.

Tell a better story using Bedrock Storylines: Bedrock helps CPGs fully harness insights by weaving it into a visual story. Bedrock also has automated decks for selling, which can help you bridge the gap between visualization to presentation. One of our clients used Bedrock to automate the creation of her selling decks to meet with 14 retailers at ECRM, presented her selling stories and every one of the 14 retailers placed an order and increased distribution.

Retail buyers expect CPGs to respond to their concerns in an insightful ways and provide them with fact-based recommendations.  Especially in the age of COVID.  Everyone is trying to see around the corner and the more you bring to the table the better you’ll be.  We work across 150 product categories and partner with many of the country’s leading and emerging brands in crafting their best selling pitches with the latest technology available.


Request a demo to see the software in action.  Our pricing is typically $2k/month to $8k/month.