What is MULO and Why Does It Matter for CPG Brands?

Bedrock Analytics

by Bedrock Analytics

August 31, 2022

For CPGs, data is essential. Without sales and industry data there is no true way to get a sense   of how your product or brand is performing against competitors. But there are numerous options for data sources, so where do you start? We recommend your first data purchase including TL US MULO from IRI or SPINS, or TL US XAOC from Nielsen.

Syndicated data is an aggregated data set comprised of product retail sales data across a defined set of parameters. Unlike direct retail data, syndicated data provides a broader view than just one store or channel and can help analysts track industry trends along any scale. Syndicated data is provided by NielsenIQ, IRI, and Spins, and each offers a distinctly different set of syndicated data.

If you’re just starting out and looking for a place to start, we recommend the MULO market channel from IRI or XAOC from NielsenIQ.

What does MULO mean?

Total US MULO is one of the geographies available from IRI and is the abbreviation for “Multi Outlet”. (You may also see “MULO C” which stands for “Multi Outlet with Convenience Stores”). MULO includes the multi outlet market data from the following channels:

  • Food/Grocery
  • Drug
  • Mass Merchandisers
  • Walmart
  • Club Stores, excluding Costco
  • Dollar Stores
  • Military DECA

Why and when MULO can help

Cross-channel numbers from MULO and XAOC can be incredibly helpful when trying to track dollar trends and determine the size of the overall market. Access to one of these channels gives retailers and manufacturers the raw data that is needed to understand the full picture of national trends and the competitive landscape of the industry. If certain categories begin growing rapidly or market sizes begin to change, this view can provide the early indications.

How Bedrock can help you utilize MULO data

The Bedrock Analytics platform can help you easily drive insights and visualize trends with ease, while harmonizing multiple data sources to give you the most holistic picture. By leveraging AI and ML, Bedrock can save your sales and analyst teams countless hours of manual labor and give them the time to actually review and analyze your data. 

Bedrock can automatically take MULO data and present you with compelling sales stories to give you the competitive edge. With attractive visualizations, Bedrock makes it easy for buyers or your sales managers to clearly see how your product is performing against competitors and show your optimal market opportunities.

If you want to learn more about the ways Bedrock can help you, book a demo with us today!